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Hey Mikey! He liked it!

Well, I just got finished watching the 4th episode of “Rough Cut” with Tommy Mac. And you know what? I liked it! The road trip was really good, the project was a good one too. It offered them the chance … Continue reading

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Oy, you’re killing me…

Today I received something in the snail mail that really bothered me. Some how my little custom shop received a furniture dealer catalog. Upon perusing the pages, I started looking at the pricing. After I shoved back in my bulging … Continue reading

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And the winner is…..

I once saw an episode of Star Trek where Scottie was confined to quarters, and to make it a real punishment he was not allowed access to his technical manuals. Like Scottie, I enjoy my technical manuals too, e.g. woodworking … Continue reading

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88 bottles of beer on the wall…

Actually my version goes like this; 88 sides of dovetails to cut, 88 sides to cut, and if one of those cuts just happen to fail, I’ll go postal and end up in jail….. Last night I did it. Not … Continue reading

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Fantasy woodworking team

Here’s the situation, it’s 4th and goal,,,,,,, or more like four days before the project is due. Who do you want working beside you in the shop to get the job done? I have a pretty good idea who I want on my … Continue reading

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The Mill is Open!

Yesterday was a very busy day, and it certainly wasn’t “an easy game to play.” (sorry, I just had to sneak that in there) I am working on a commission job to build twelve special boxes for a charitable organization called … Continue reading

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Chai-atus and multi-tasking

As most of you know, I have been very busy learning with Lyle Jamieson and working on another commission, so the Chai boy project has been on a bit of a “chai-atus.” (my children are now say, “Abba, that was … Continue reading

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