Learning with Lyle Jamieson

Today I finished learning with Lyle.  He was (and is) a really great teacher and he was a model house guest.  Having him in my workshop was an invaluable experience. You can watch all the videos and read all the books you want, but having a master guiding you along in your own workshop  just can’t be compared. I think I have an honest understanding now about how much better a master apprentice learning experience is for learning a trade or craft.

When we left off last time, I had shaped the outside. I got it shaped to the point that it needed just a little bit of sanding.  Then the hollowing began! Using Lyle’s boring bar system worked really well. There are a lot of things to remember and do, but with practice I am sure they will become second nature. Turning is like a subtle dance between you and the wood. You rely on your eyes, ears, and touch to move your tools and body in harmony to create shapes on the lathe.

The Jamieson Boring Bar System

Yaakov and Lyle


The tool system worked great and I was very pleased with my little vase. I can’t wait to make another hollow vessel!

Lyle's Wood Sculptor

 If you are a turner, and you have the opportunity to attend a demo, or take a class of Lyle’s. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by.

If you have any questions about working with Lyle or the Boring Bar System, don’t hesitate to ask.



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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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One Response to Learning with Lyle Jamieson

  1. Thank you for the kind words, It’s great to get the feedback. I really like your “subtle dance” description. You were a good student and fast learner. Get some practice now. With all of your art and drawing background you are way ahead of most of us in the design learning curve.

    One of the benifits of traveling so much is that I get to meet such great new friends all around the country. I wish you had photo shopped some hair on my bald spot. Thanks for the warm hospitality. Lyle Jamieson

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