The Mill is Open!

Yesterday was a very busy day, and it certainly wasn’t “an easy game to play.” (sorry, I just had to sneak that in there)

I am working on a commission job to build twelve special boxes for a charitable organization called Ahavas Yisroel (loosely translated as “love of Israel’).  These boxes are called tzedakah (se-dah-kah) boxes, you could call them charity boxes, but I don’t like that translation. Tzedakah is more like “righteous giving”, but not the “Barry White righteous”. e.g. Man, that was a righteous Barry White song. All that aside, these boxes will sit at the end of every grocery checkout aisle at the new 7 Mile Market Kosher grocery store here in Baltimore, MD. (Which I am told will be the largest all kosher grocery store in the U.S.A). The boxes are 5x5x10 and are made of 3/4 maple. They will take a lot of abuse and have to be tough as nails, so I build them like little tanks (with nice dovetailed sides to “makem’ purdy”).

The local home depot has 1×6 maple, but the last time I went there, 90% of the boards were really warped, so I took a trip way out to Lowes.  After getting my lumber cart and racing around the lumber section for five minutes, the friendly Lowes employee told me they do not stock maple. (insert Homer Simpson sound here).  My local Home Depot could really learn some lessons in courtesy from the Lowes employees.

Thankfully, my favorite lumber store was close by, Free State Timbers. Since this is a cost plus labor job, I was hoping not to buy rough cut lumber to save time, but, you have to take what you get sometimes.  I was able to quickly get about 60 feet of 4/4 soft maple. I was hoping to find 3/4 material, but no luck.

So wouldn’t you know that I was about 8 feet short of the required lumber. (insert Anglo saxon here). Back out to Home Depot I go, hoping I can find just one straight 1×6 maple board. After pulling a number of boards out, I was able to find one that I could use.  So today I started power planing 60+ feet of 4/4 maple to 3/4. If anyone needs to stuff a mattress, I have enough shavings to fill a king sized bed.

Sunday it will be time to sharpen up my trusty plane so I can square up the third side and finally get the table saw milling started. I honestly enjoy milling work. The smell of the wood, the sound of the table saw, and finally seeing the rough boards take on that clean four square sided look. At the end of the day, you feel like you accomplished something.

Have a good weekend!


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