Lucky me

My family has been fortunate enough to be hosting the well-known turner, Lyle Jamieson, while he is here in Baltimore teaching. So after he finishes his demos, he as been working with me in my workshop. I can’t tell how much I appreciate having a master turner in my shop. It’s like playing tennis with Nadal on your home court giving you pointers, or having Alton Brown in your kitchen exchanging recipes and tips. What a thrill! I have gone to plenty of demonstrations, but to have a master, all to yourself, in your workshop, having him sharpen your tools correctly is a kick that just can’t be beat!

Lyle is famous for his boring bar system for making hollow vessels.

This system even has a “frickin’ laser beam” to show you where your cutter is while it is inside the hollow vessel. When I am not turning perhaps I could put it on a Sea Bass and see what happens. Muwahahaha. Well anyhow, I have purchased one of these systems and Lyle has helped me set it up and tonight we are going to start turning, shaping, and hollowing! I can’t wait!

Lyle is also know for his artistic turnings, and it is worth it to check out his website:

More to come later!

About yaakov

Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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1 Response to Lucky me

  1. paloarte says:

    I’m anxious to know what happens! 🙂

    Send my regards to Lyle.


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