Fantasy woodworking team

Here’s the situation, it’s 4th and goal,,,,,,, or more like four days before the project is due. Who do you want working beside you in the shop to get the job done? I have a pretty good idea who I want on my team. 

Let’s change the game. Who would be your fantasy woodworking teacher lineup? You get to have them in your shop for four days, one on one, teacher and student, master and apprentice, Jedi and Padawan. Well, you get my drift.

Here’s the rules: pick four people (who are still alive) and tell us why you picked them.

Here’s my lineup: Starting position; David Marks. He has been my all around woodworking hero for a number of years. I love the detail of his work. He is an excellent teacher; from him I want to learn patience, technique, design, and overall skills. To me, he is the consummate woodworker and artist. He can do it all!

Second; Christopher Schwarz. Editor of Popular Woodworking. This is the man I want by my side to help me tune up my hand tools to perfection. I want increase my skills with planes and other hand tools. I’d also like him to make a list of the must have hand tools for my shop.

Third; Toshio Odate. I want to learn more about Japanese tools and woodworking techniques. And I’d like to learn more about the Japanese  philosophy of their techniques and more about that style of furniture. He’s a good writer and I have enjoyed reading his work.

Fourth; Rob Cosman. Man alive, this guy can make dovetails FAST. I daydream about buying his dovetail saw and crosscut saw. This is the man I want in my shop teaching me how to make dovetails.

Did you notice there are no pro-turners in my lineup? Since I recently had Lyle Jamieson in my shop for four days, that wish has already come true. It would be a hard choice to decided what other turners I’d like to have in my shop. David Ellsworth, Jimmy Clewes ,what a tough choice! 

This game sure beats the crap out of fantasy football.

Now post your lineup!

About yaakov

Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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