Lucky me day 2

Last night the shavings started flying. Literally! After drilling more holes in my faceplate, to improve the safety and performance, we got a small log up on the lathe between centers. In the picture below, the faceplate is the black thing. The faceplate screws onto the spindle which spins the wood when powered up. A faceplate is one of several methods used to mount a piece of wood to a lathe.

Lyle taught me a cutting technique called a “push cut” using a bowl gouge. Normally, when I am rounding out a big chunky bowl blank or log, I use my Easy Rougher or my mui macho roughing gouge, but this push cut was fast, easy, clean cutting, and boy howdy does it make the shavings fly! Yeeehaw! Once we got the stock round, I mounted what was left of the log up on the faceplate. It was getting late so Lyle was ready to call it a night, and I called it a fred.

Blank ready for shaping and hollowing

I’m looking forward to starting back up tonight! More to come…..

Lyle Jamieson & Yaakov Bar Am

How ’bout that cool lookin’ kippah on Lyle! I actually think it looks better on him than me!

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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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