2 Hours a week and what I forgot

The march of time must be taking a toll on my brain, because I am starting to get “Senior” moments. I have made my share of stupid mistakes in the past, but I usually know what I did wrong. However, I still don’t know what I did for this week’s “Hinny Youngman Bone Head Award of the week.”

The ReSaw Man

I admit, my brain works a bit different from most people. I don’t remember numbers the way most people do. I do, and can, remember numbers, but for short-term use. I picture numbers. For example, I can look at a cutting chart, or an ISBN number, and I don’t remember the individual numbers, I see the picture of the numbers. I like to say that I have a photographic memory. That being said, I must admit however that I’m out of film. So, I look at my cutting chart, I see the number, then set it up on my table saw and make the cut. The width for the top and bottom boards should have been 6.25” but it was some weird number in the high 5” range. Very strange.

I have been reviewing those moments from last week over and over in my head, and I can’t figure it out. The only thing I can think that happened was that my student set the fence incorrectly. Hey, I am not issuing any blame or fault here, it just bothers me that I can’t remember. Oh well, it happens, and you simply adjust your game plan.

I was hoping we would be finished milling, but our blunder put us a bit behind. On the plus side, my student learned about resawing, how to use a marking gauge, and learned about careful labeling of the boards.

Back in another 166 hours!

Note: If you need a good laugh be sure to check out the hyperlink.

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4 Responses to 2 Hours a week and what I forgot

  1. Carl Nobles says:

    Thanks for following along. Just want to let you know that not only have I subscribed to your blog, I’ve also linked to it from mine, “CarlsWoodworking.wordpress.com. By virtue of the spelling Artisan’s Call is at the top of the list.
    – Carl

  2. cobweb says:

    I’m glad I’m not alone in having these moments! I have recently claimed to be suffering from EOSD. Early Onset Senile Dementia. I don’t know if it’s a genuine varient of SD…but some days (most days) it feels like it…

    I wonder if my Mother lied about my date of birth and there’s actually nothing early about it at all…

    If the aches in my legs, arms, back, ears, teeth, fingers….are anything to go by I could have hit on something here! Perhaps I’m really 66 and not 47?

    Now what was I doing…

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