Making Lemonade

Holly Honey dippers

The day started off pretty good, I got to sleep in (7:30am) and I had a nice 30 minute run, but the rest of the morning went downhill fast. After getting the laundry put away and getting another load started, I was hungry, but there was nothing for breakfast (at least for this person on a diet) and to add insult to injury, the wife took the kids to Dunkin Donuts for breakfast. (a treat since it was the last day of summer vacation for them). You don’t know how much I like donuts. I mean I REALLY like donuts. So I had a banana for breakfast, oy gevalt.

I get into the shop just and had a nice piece of cherry already mounted up on the lathe with all my tools sharpened ready to go. So as I plowed through the wood, I noticed a check in the wood. Yup, it ran all the way through. Oy gevalt.

Time to get the chainsaw and make more blanks. So I go to the outdoor building where I keep my chain saw and almost step into a HUGE spider web that blocked the whole door. I am still getting the shivers just thinking about it. My nose was just a breath away from it. Oy vey!

I get my chainsaw out of the building by running in and running out to avoid the big angry spider that made the web. Now my chainsaw starts acting up. A plastic part of the chainsaw has worn out and now I can’t make it start. And since today is labor day, I can’t order the part. Oy gevalt!

So what do you do on days like this? As the saying goes, when life throws you lemons, make lemonade.  I looked around the shop and saw a couple of small chunks of holly and thought about what I could do with them. It is almost Rosh HaShanna, so why not make honey dippers?! After all, Rosh HaShanna is the season of apples and honey, and better yet, I have a “Pre-Yom Tov Mall Event” next sunday at a synagogue so I guess HaShem wanted me to make honey dippers today.

We had a family friend drop by the house this morning, so I quickly made one for her, and made one for my family (since we did not have one) and a more fancy one for the show. I have plenty of cherry scraps around the shop so I guess I will make a handful of them for the show.

Thank you HaShem for directing me in the right way this morning, even with all the oy gevalts.


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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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3 Responses to Making Lemonade

  1. Brent says:

    I have really enjoyed your blog. The wood working is great and the addition of Yiddish adds so much flavor! You get to teach woodworking and Yiddish at the same time. How about a Yiddish phrase of the day with the blog posts? As a southern boy with little exposure to Jewish culture I find it fun and informative. As for the honey dippers, what did you use for a parting tool to make the narrow kerfs on the business end? My parting tool is too thick for that and you have inspired me to turn some dippers on my spring pole lathe: So, come on, out with it! What is the secret to narrow kerfs on the lathe?

    Keep up the great blog,

    • yaakov says:


      Thanks for the many compliments! I don’t know if I could do a blog a day, but I will keep your suggestion about the yiddish/hebrew in the back of my mind during each post.

      To make the “business end” I use a card style parting tool that is 3/16″ wide. You can order them through Packard or Craft supplies. They are also an essential tool for then stemmed work.

      zi gezunt, (roughly, “be healthy or be well)

  2. I’ve never used a honey dipper and I may misunderstand its use but, is it easier to use than a spoon? Someone recently gave me a pot of ‘REAL’ honey (fresh from the bee’s bottom, without sweeteners) and I’m intrigued by what appears to be a simple woodturning task. 🙂

    Do you add a finish or, is that why you use a fruit wood?

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