Wanna see my jugs?

Although I haven’t been making any furniture or “art” pieces for the past month or so, I have been working hard on all that walnut I got. (see the Muchachos story) So far I have made some very large bowls that are still drying, a number of other thin bowls that are waiting for finish, and a couple of large hollow forms.

I made the hollow forms two different ways. The first one, I made with the pith going up and down. I was hollowing end grain so it took a long time to hollow. Now that the vessel has dried, it has taken on a tear shape as the pith expands. The second vessel was hollowed with the pith parallel to the ground. It was much easier to hollow, and now that  it has dried, the pith has expanded out to the sides. When placed side by side, you can really see how the pith orientation affects the shape of the vessel.

I used a gloss poly for the finish, then I used india ink to black out the inside. They are pretty thin, but not Ellsworth thin, and I still make the bottoms a tad heavy. Making it super thin, 3/16″ or less, is like playing chicken. Needless to say, I’m still the chicken. Anyway, wanna see my jugs?

Do they look natural?




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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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6 Responses to Wanna see my jugs?

  1. Andy Coates says:

    These are lovely, Yaakov. Full marks from me. They should sell very quickly…and if the buyer has any sense they’ll buy them as a pair. Wondeful work.

  2. Bob says:

    I have never saw jugs like that! You have a very nice set.

  3. Stephen Hughes says:

    Hi Yaakov, What a Beautiful Pair, of Walnut Wooden Forms! (lol)

  4. bult44man says:

    I like the black stain on the interior, I can’t imagine how you could effectivly sand the inside of the bowls, or jugs.

  5. yaakov says:

    Bult44man – If you make really clean cuts on the inside, you really don’t have to sand the whole interior. After all, who could possible get their finger down there to feel it. I make sure it is smooth all around the hole. There are two reason I use india ink on the inside of a hollow vessel: first, it makes your brain go batty when it can’t see ANYTHING down there; second, if any light does get down there, the black can hide any imperfections. The dried india ink has a “flat black” finish which helps the above two reason. Thanks for writing. I appreciate the comments and questions.

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