To boldly go where…

Over the July 4th Holiday, I took my family to the Walter’s Art Museum, and I saw a painting entitled “Clearing Up – Coast of Sicily” by Andreas Achenbach, that really made me stop in my tracks.

The way the sunlight makes the tops of the waves just glow really fascinates me (be sure to check out the link above so you can see it in a bigger format). It really made me think about “light” and how I could use it in my “Lost in the Woods” theme. But how?

Sometimes, late in the afternoon, when the sun is low to the horizon it shines in your face and the objects in front of it appear almost black. That is the effect I want, but instead of the bright yellow it will be more of the reddish color. So here’s the idea; the setting sun is behind the trees making the trees look black with a reddish copper “light” behind the trees.

I had a roughed out bowl made of cuban mahogany which was pretty bland. BTW, I’m not a huge fan of this wood so I have no problem with decorating over it. I mounted the bowl back up onto the lathe, turned it nice and thin and sanded it smooth. It has many little worm holes, which is fine, so I gave it a couple of coats of shellac to seal it.

Here’s the basic plan, paint the outside of the bowl black using acrylic paint. Then wrap the bowl in semi-transparent frisket, draw the tree pattern on the frisket, use an X-acto knife to carefully peel back the area between the trees, then apply real copper metal leaf.  Next, apply barium sulfide in light amounts to get the reds in the metal, and finally peel off the rest of the frisket and pray that all the metal leaf stays in place!

The first step is done, and now I have to wait for the frisket I ordered to arrive.

Cuban Mahogany with a shellac finish

Step one: Paint it black!






Now we have to wait 😦

Till next time….





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One Response to To boldly go where…

  1. Bob says:

    I hope to see it soon. Sounds great.

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