Expanding on an idea

I really enjoyed making the piece called “Lost in the Woods” and it was a big hit with my readers. So I decided to expand on the idea.

“Lost in the Woods”

It all started with a small piece of maple that I received from my in-laws in North Carolina. When I mounted it up, I really had no idea what I wanted to do with it, so I have no idea what inspired me to make the shape that I did. After I completed it, I put it on the shelf to dry and see how it would warp. After a month or so, the thin walls did warp to some degree, but best of all, it ovaled very nicely.

Now that I had a funny shaped object, what to do with it? That’s when I got the idea to try the tree theme again. After I penciled in the design, I retraced the lines with a fine point pen. This worked really well on the poplar, but I got a tiny amount of bleeding on the maple so the lines were not as crisp as I would have liked them to be.

The shape

Penciled in

Penned in





Next, I started painting the piece with black acrylic paint. My paint really needed thinning and I had a hard time getting perfectly smooth paint application.

Partially done

Painting done





After the painting was done; I stared at it and stared at it, thought about it and thought about it, but for the life of me, I could not decide what to do with the outside of the vessel. What did I come up with? Nothing. And that is what I did, nothing. I had lots of ideas, but nothing to fit the theme. So I decided to do nothing but sand the piece to make it ultra smooth and spray it with a matte artist fixative and sand once again. I don’t know what to call the piece, or say what it does. It will just sit in some corner as a reminder for me to have a complete idea next time.

I still have a lot of holly, so I think I will make another bowl from holly, bleach it, and try this again. I have two ideas; draw the trees on the inside and outside of the bowl, and make the trees white on one side and reverse the colors on the other side. My next idea is to draw the trees like aspen trees and use no background color.

Dangerous Rant Ahead: please use discretion when reading. Do not read if you don’t like rants. This is just an angry rant:

Screw 2012! This year has sucked all around and I am ready to call it quits on 2012 and go straight to 2013. Even though I am producing some of my best ideas and best work, I can’t get s#*t done! Just about every sunday, I have some religious or secular obligation that keeps me out of my shop. This is happening during week days too. I have not had a good night sleep in over a year because our baby girl just won’t sleep. So not only am I out of my shop, some days I don’t go in because I am so tired I can’t think straight.

My commissions are dropping like flies for some reason I don’t understand. My revenue is not even a quarter of what it was last year. I purchased a used cargo van  a couple of months ago that is now costing me a fortune in repairs, so I am flat broke. Now I have no money to buy more lumber which I need to make sales. Even worse, I borrowed money from my children’s education fund for the van (The MAG-mobile) so I am racked with horrible guilt even though I had to have a van. Oy the guilt is killing me! How am I going to pay for their school!

Move over 2012 and let 2013 come in soon!

This is the end of this emergency rant. You may now go back to your normal life.



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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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8 Responses to Expanding on an idea

  1. Andy Coates says:

    Hello Yaakov,

    firstly: I love the bowl, and understand the difficulty of deciding when to stop. Ithink you made the right choice.

    Secondly: I know how you feel. It’s been a very difficult year so far andI too will be glad to see the back of it. Chin up, my friend.

  2. David Taragin says:

    Yaakov, nice work.

    Have Emunah , I dont have to tell you , life is a series of ups and downs, things will improve. You are a terrific artist and designer and a great craftsman. As a woodworker, I am envious of your skill. As we head into this dark period for our people, you should understand that sometimes the dark times are there for us so we can better appreciate the good times.
    Keep davening and plugging away in your shop. Things will get better.

  3. Yaakov, I really love this piece.

    I’m right there with you in the frustration department. The past several years have been trying ones for me, though I don’t write about it much on my blog. Please know you’re not alone in wishing for smoother waters.

    • yaakov says:

      Thanks Andra! I really appreciate all your “likes” especially since I write about stuff that does not seem to be up your alley. Anyway, I like exploring all the alleyways of your life via your blog. 🙂 Thanks so much for the kind words.

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