And then there were two

One less iron is in the fire and I have completed the second display stand. Yippee!

The physical construction of this piece was the same as the last, but I made some minor changes in the “decorations.” I used about nine or ten inches more wire per each section. This gave a bit more heft to the wrapping which I like.

One the top, I used the fake copper on the bottom of the shelf and used a mixed of fake and real copper leaf on the sides, and the top is 95% pure copper. Why do this you ask? The mix of “products” has a slightly different color and each product reacts differently to Barium Sulfide. I don’t want a bright shiny penny look to the top, so I the blend of colors and patina to tone down the shiny copper. Also, the fake copper hardly responds to the Barium Sulfide, where as the real copper reacts instantly so you get more color variations in the patina.

Long standing brothers

In action






Speaking of using metal leaf…. My technique for using metal leaf would make a true gilder cringe and call me a barbarian. But, our goals are very different. I call my style of metal leafing, “commando.” A real guilder will make sure there is a good base for the leaf to be applied to. It should be perfectly level, and the correct base color should to bring out the brightness of the metal. Then it should be rubbed in with a “tooth” to really bring out the luster. Me, I want the uneven surface and the imperfections and the wrinkly looking surface. For my work, that’s my style. Heaven help me if I had to do a real gilding job.

I hope I have inspired you to try metal leafing or designing your own work.

Till next time,


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