Getting thin with Alan Carter

Once again, I was lucky to have another touring turner visit me here in Baltimore. Alan Carter is a multi-talented artist; a musician, fine artist, furniture maker, and turner, and he is a fun guy to boot!

At the Baltimore Area Turner’s club, Alan demonstrated how to make a thin stem goblet. You see photos of thin stemmed goblets, but until you see one in person, you might not realize how thin these stems really are. I had no idea that you could make a stem as thick as a piece of spaghetti.

Alan’s demo went well considering all the technical difficulties with the Nova DVR lathe. The points did not line up, there were problems with the chuck, there were problems locking down the headstock, and I felt bad for the poor guy but he certainly made up for it with his good humor and perseverance.

The next day, the fun began for me. Alan is a fine instructor, and he taught me how to make a thin stemmed goblet. Alan uses the “Easy Wood” turning tools for his work, so it made me feel pretty good that I could do the same type of work using standard woodturning tools. Now, I do have an easy hollower that I use on odd occasions but it isn’t my favorite tools, but it has come in handy from time to time.

I’m not going through the steps on how to make this goblet. The photos are worth a thousand words. But I will leave you with this, if you get the chance to see an Alan Carter demo, go see it.

Alan at my lathe

The first step

Step 2: the cup is made and the stem starts






Extending the stem

Forming the base

Make the cup thin with a 1/8 little stem for the cup at the top stem







Add a wax finsh and Tah Dah! Look what I made Mom!

Examples of Alan Carter’s work









PS. I’m sorry that I have not been writing. Conditions here have been a bit out of control.


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