New forms I’m working on



New forms I am working on. For some reason, square forms appeal to me for my artistic turnings.






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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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5 Responses to New forms I’m working on

  1. Lazy Larry says:

    That sounds like an oxymoron… Square Turning… but when you do it …it makes sense in a different way… the good thing about being artistic is that you can do what you like.. and actually I like it…so keep doing what you do best.

  2. I like these shapes.

  3. Rob says:

    I like them too. They seem to make sense of the square peg and the round hole.

  4. Robert R. Lindh says:

    I like them a lot… the black………

  5. Clark Bixler says:

    It looks like a couple of lug nuts.

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