Turning aside

Bags and bags of shavings from the past week

Despite the fact that no furniture has been coming out of my shop lately, the shop has been very busy. I have a load of wood for turning that has been keeping me busy. I finally completed all the small commissions with only one big one to do, so before I call them to get started, I want to get as much turning done as possible. Craft Show season starts for me on April 22nd, so I need to have lots of inventory at hand and pray for a good show year!

I have some new Tiki designs in my head, and I am eager to get started on them while I can. And speaking of preparing, I also took some time to prepare for my retirement. (ha ha, like that’s really going to happen!) I bought a six month lottery subscription. Since all my luck has been used up, I got my lucky wife and my lucky child to pick the numbers. I hate to say it, but the lottery is the best chance for retirement I’ll ever get.

the Chai-Boy

I do have some new furniture designs in my head that I need to start sketching out. It’s a shame that I have to make and save money to buy the wood for new designs. It has been a couple of years since I completed the Chai-Boy, and I hope it might get sold soon. The Chai-Boy and two other pieces are going to be in a gallery show for a month and half starting next week. I will miss the Chai-boy when it sells one day, but I really need to sell it.

So be patient deal reader, soon enough I’ll be back to my modern traditionalist furniture making.



About yaakov

Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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One Response to Turning aside

  1. Well, Yaakov, I hope your lottery wish comes true very soon. Mine’s on its way as well! 😀

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