of Beaver and the bra

All of my subscribers know that I love my hand tools; however, there is one power tool that would hate to be without, my hollow mortise chiseler. I know how to make square holes by hand, but only a masochist would enjoy making Arts & Crafts furniture without a hollow mortise chiseler.

A keeper!






Speaking of power tools, I admit that I use my radial arm saw rather frequently. I have considered selling my Radial Arm saw and my compound miter saw to get a big 12” Double-bevel sliding compound miter saw so I could save space in my shop. So what stops me from doing this? I know this is a lame excuse, but it my Radial Arm saw has a great story….

It was almost ten years ago in February of 2002 when my first child was born. My wife asked me if I would go purchase a nursing bra for her. Of course I said I would, but I was certain that if a man walked into a bra department, the pervert alarms will go off and you would get bodily thrown out of the store and be told to never come back. So with great trepidation I went forth. Thankfully, she suggested that I go to the brand new mall which was not far from the house.

Gee Lady, can you help me find a bra?

I felt like Beaver Cleaver every time I stood before a female clerk as asked her if they had “x” sized nursing bras. To my horror, each and every store didn’t have the requested size. The last store I went too was Sears, and once again, fearing the pervert alarms, me and a sales clerk looked for the correct size with no luck, so I double timed it out of that department as fast as possible. But lo and behold, what ho? The Sears tool section! Now there’s a bastion of “maledome,” so I took a stroll through the tools. Then I saw it, a radial arm saw. I was currently working on a high chair for our new baby and the design called for lots of compound angles, and that radial arm saw would be perfect for the job. The price was good, then I found out that I they were having a 50% off grand opening sale, so with reckless abandon, I bought that baby (I mean the saw. Believe me, I have been paying for the “real baby” for a LONG time).

Now the next challenge, telling my wife. I got home and walk into the bedroom and she asked me if I found the nursing bra. “Well….no……but I did get a radial arm saw!” So how could I sell that saw after that story?!


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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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4 Responses to of Beaver and the bra

  1. Bob says:

    That is a good story, i liked it.

  2. billsmithem says:

    It’s definitely a keeper! 🙂

  3. Lazy Larry says:

    I can certainly relate to that story…

  4. Yaakov, this is hilarious.

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