More of the modern traditionalist

I’m the very epitome of a very modern traditionalist, part hand tooler, part power tooler. Today I summoned the use of an ancient tool and a modern powered device.

Here’s the case.  I am working on a custom project, but I have a set of purchased plans. How’s that? My customer found a design for a pool cue rack that he really liked, and there happened to be a set of plans for them. The problem is that the design is too large for his wall space. My objective is to make the project and customize it to fit the space, and make further design modifications.

The first hurdle: There is a platform on the rack onto which the bottom of the pool cues rest, and there is an upper platform which the tips of the pool cues poke through. To make things interesting, this piece has a “Mission” design (I really think it is a “Prairie Style Frank Lloyd Wright” design) so there are multiple vertical thin stiles that connect the top and bottom.  The plans call for these platforms to be 30” long, but I need to make my version 27” long.

A modern woodworker might scan the plans and upload them into a CAD program or make them over in Sketch up. Me, I don’t need no stinkin’ Sketch up. All I need is a set of dividers.  I made a 27” MDF template that would work for the top and bottom platforms and then I used my dividers to quickly make the adjustment to the design. No computer necessary. WhooYahh!

Dividers make designing easier





Using the router table to transfer the curves

My template insures the curves are correct and the layout for the cue holes and vertical stiles are accurate between the two platforms. I guess watching all those David J. Marks videos has made a lasting impression on me with regard to use templates for reproducible accuracy. Thanks David!

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  1. SketchUp free, the way to be!

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