All stickered up with nowhere to go

The first round of milling for the pool cue rack was very productive, BUT, Murphy’s law prevailed as usual.

When you are working on a time and materials commission, you walk the type rope of buying right amount of lumber. When the plans call for a certain amount of board feet, you know you have to buy a little more because your rough cut lumber won’t match the cutting diagrams. Such was the case today. I was one board that is 3.5″ wide by 56″ short. RATS! That means I will have to buy another big rough cut board and eat the cost of the board feet that I don’t use. Oh well, I will save the overage for the Morris chair I plan to make one day.

And to double down the on the Murphy’s law, that missing board is one of the key parts to the whole thing, so I will have to go back to the lumber store, let the board acclimate to the shop, then can finish up the milling, which means another day or two lost.

Meanwhile, the rest of the parts are milled and stickered so they can acclimate to the shop. If my shop were temperature and humidity controlled, I would not bother with stickering, but the temperatures have been all over the place lately and so has the humidity levels. I want to give the wood plenty of time to used to my shop before I take it down to final dimensions. If it is going to warp, cup or bow, I’d rather it do it now before I start assembling.

I know some of you lumber experts out there are shaking your fingers at the screen and shouting, “it’s quarter sawn, therefore it is much less prone to movement!” And to that I say, “you’re correct.” But with my luck, it is better to be safe than sorry.

All stickered up





BTW, I would like to go ahead and send out an apology to all you Pats fans out there. I am a bona fide sports jinx. When I watch a game, even for the tiniest of seconds, 9 times out of 10 the team that I root for will lose. Sorry.

Time to break out the beer and get stickered myself….


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