Knockin’ em out

I’ve had the chance to knock out a couple of turning projects while I wait for the lumber for my next project acclimate to my shop. Time is money and like the seven dwarves say, “I owe, I owe, so it’s off to work I go.”

The first piece for my show and tell is another scrap project. I had a small block of bloodwood and a piece of ebony which was destined to become a fret board for a guitar but didn’t make the final round in the beauty contest. Oh yes, I just about forgot, this ebony was given to me by David J. Marks (my hero).

BloodWood & Ebony Jar

I call this piece a “wooden jar.” I’ll admit, I took the easy way out for hollowing, I used a big forstner bit in my Jacobs chuck to do all the work. I really like the combination of the bloodwood and ebony. They both look so good with shiny finish. The shape of the top is unusual and it is easy to grab. Since the very top of the “top” had a tail stock dimple, I covered it up with a little fake gem. With a house full of little girls, it was not hard to find something suitable.

My second project is a “Norwegian Beer Bowl.” Also known as an “Ale Bowl”. “Ale Bowls are drinking vessels. Traditionally, they were used on special ceremonial occasions such as weddings, baptisms and funerals or perhaps on Christmas or New Year’s. A fancy ale bowl was a status symbol for the larger rural land owners in Norway. “ So as you can see, not a big item for the Jewish crowd.

My beer bowl is based on of a design I saw Jimmy Clewes make. I made it out of a green piece of Cherry. Wow, that sounds funny doesn’t it! So I rough turned this piece about five months ago, then did the final turning and finishing work last night. The inside of the bowl has a shellac finish (all natural lac bug excretions) and the exterior has a shellac and carnauba wax finish.

Cherry Beer Bowl

Now here’s something funny. I was looking for information about beer bowls, so I did a Google search on “Norwegian Beer Bowl.” And what comes up? Under images of Norwegian Beer Bowls, an image of my primitive bowl! Check it out! How funny is that! Further proof that “Google is not research.”

Any whooo, I am really pleased with the beer bowl. I can’t decide whether I should keep it or sell it, cause man alive I am interested in trying it out for real! I just wish I had a beer to pour into it. I have a couple more of these in the drying stage, so maybe I will keep one of those.

Stay thirsty my friends!



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5 Responses to Knockin’ em out

  1. Ellis Hein says:

    Shellac is not water proof and is soluable in alcohol, both of which are present in your beer. After you have had your beer, you will need to refinish the bowl. Or you could forget the beer and keep the good looks of the bowl. I’d choose the bowl.

  2. yaakov says:

    The finish doesn’t really matter. The orginal bowls were just that, wooden bowls, no finish.hahahaha

  3. Bob says:

    It looks good. Have you tried it out?

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  5. Slissie says:

    Your beer bowl looks refreshing. Having never used one, I am not sure what you do with it but its sure is pretty!
    Thank you for another inspiring blog!

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