Back to the Hall of Shame

A couple of weeks ago, I was working on a “David Ellsworth” style hollow form. All was going along pretty well and I was about 95% done with the inside when I tried to clean up a bump near the upper shoulder. I bet most of your know what is going to happen right! Yep, I went through the side.

How did this happen you might ask? I’ll tell ya. I used my laser guided Jamieson boring bar system, but I was having a hard time with the upper shoulder so I grabbed my Sorby hollowing tool to do the job.

Sorby Hollowmaster

I inserted the tool into the vessel and felt the bump without the lathe on so I could have a feel for what needed to be removed. I turned the lathe on and proceeded to make “not gentle enough” cuts.

At this point, I should have been listening to the soundtrack music in this drama that is my life, and noticed that it was not happy music, but serious dark music. I had the whole round form wrapped in clear packing tape to help it keep its shape, and then I noticed a black streak under the tape. What the f*&# is that?! Oh man! I went right through the bowl, but thankfully the packing tape keep the whole piece all together.

Okay, when given lemons, make lemonade. So I cleanly cut off the whole top and was left with what looked like a white round fish bowl. Now I did have tool marks to be cleaned up which I did not feel like doing right then, so I decided to call it day.

So today, I mount it back up and noticed that it had changed shape a little bit, but I tought I could get it all smooth and clean inside to match the outside. No joy. After a 30 mins of cleaning up with my bent neck Easy Hollower, I once again managed to go through the thin wall. Two strikes and it is off to mount the piece on the Wall of Shame in my shop.

Some failures I throw away, some I keep. The ones I keep are the ones that teach me a lesson like: A. Don’t mess with the space-time continuum (big mistake! long story….) and B. Don’t put warped vessels back on the lathe dumb dumb! So now I have about five or six turned objects in exhibit all of which remind me in a gentle manner…“Don’t do that again nummynuts!”

I wonder who else has a Wall of Shame?



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