Turning Feline

As much as our two cats annoy me at times, I have realized that I am becoming somewhat like them. How’s that you might be thinking? Here’s the typical situation: one of the cats is in my home office on the futon when I come in. If I shut the door, he wants out. If I come in and shut the door when he is not in here, he wants in. If one of the cats is inside the office, and the other cat is outside of the office, the out of office cat wants in. So if I let him in to join the other and close the door, then they both want out! (insert Yosemite Sam cursing here)

Here’s my version; when I was working on the bed, I was longing to work on the lathe.  I would see that pile of logs the needed to be worked, and all I could think about was breaking out the chainsaw and making shavings on the lathe. Now that I am nearing the bottom of my pile, I am chomping at the bit to start working on a furniture project. Now the irony of this desire is that I don’t have enough wood in my lumber rack to make anything, and I don’t have enough cash to buy stock for the “I don’t know what I want to make” project! Oy gevalt!

Here’s the funny part, they say people look like their dogs, and this is somewhat true for me. My muzzle has turned grey and I am growing hair all over my head. So I look like an old dog and act like a cat!

So why is our Hero in this cash predicament?

I don’t know if this happens to you, but this happens to me ALL THE TIME! When I am working at a show, I constantly have people telling me they are going to contact me, buy things from me, give me things, interested in working for us… and the list goes on and on. And you know what? They never do. Meanwhile, yours truly, buys new tools blissfully believing that these folks are going to come through.  I’m a man of my word, I do what I say, and I say what I do. Why haven’t I learned that maybe only five percent of people’s promises come through? Do you have the same problem?

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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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6 Responses to Turning Feline

  1. Ellis Hein says:

    Yes, I am guilty of believing that other people mean what they say. Sometimes I can see through the sham. The possibility of getting those tools “I need” can blind me though. After all, is it reasonable to make a customer wait while I invest in the equipment I will need for his job? And so I am led by the nose until I have the tools and no customer. Ouch! I am caught again. But self recrimination is extremely difficult in the face of new tools. If I can learn the lesson of saying, “Pay me 50% in advance and I’ll start working on the idea,” maybe I would not be so susceptible. So, putting into practice what I just said, you can pay me 50% of what my advice is worth.

    Thanks for writing this post.


  2. Bob says:

    I am like you, i want people to be good to their word but a lot of people are not. I all ways try to be on time and do what i say i will do, but it doesn’t seem to be rubbing off on others.

  3. Andy Coates says:

    “We’ll be back for this – insert name of object – later”
    “If only we weren’t downsizing”
    “I’ll nip to the ATM and be right back for it”
    “I’ll come and see the gallery and pick some pieces”
    “Can you hold this for me until…” (hell freezes over?)
    “I’d like to book a: lesson, commission, talk” (fees discussed) “I’ll check my diary and be right back to you” (see above for timescale)
    “I’ve got a garage full of: wood, old tools, equipment, you can have. I’ll call with details”

    I’ve heard them all in the last year and none came to anything. But when I’m asked to do something i’m expected to do it NOW! And if I don’t I either lose the job or get snide remarks.

    Ellis also hits on another issue I face on a regular basis…advice. More specifically free advice. I must get a least a couple of turners a week pop in for free advice and always give it willingly. One who pops in on a regular basis is a Dr. Would he give me free consultation time? I doubt it. Another is an engineer. If I wanted a little jig making he’d charge me £58 an hour and materials.

    If I suggest (in jest) that a consultation fee would be appropriate I get a huffy response and a swift exit. But they still come back in a few weeks for more!

    I give up. Really I do.

    Have a great 2012 everyone.

  4. I can relate, Yaakov. Cats are interesting, quirky creatures.

    So are people.

    I struggle with the same things, because people don’t always live up to our own expectations. I disappoint people, and they let me down. That doesn’t mean I don’t keep trying, but it does wear on me sometimes.

  5. ann byers says:

    Disapointment in people always surprises me. I believe what people tell me and I guess that makes me naive. I believe in honesry and loyalty from people, but apparently people don’t always believe the same. You have to be thick-skinned in this life in order to protect yourself. I always believed that friendship and love lasted forever — I was wrong.

  6. Dave says:

    My wife says that I need to be more trusting, but I rarely find that people are deserving of my trust. Pretty much when people say they want your work you can only count on maybe 10% of them putting their money where their mouth is. One thing that I really try to hold high is my word. In the old days your word was everything. Now days it seems to mean little to most folks. Times have changed.

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