While I am sitting at my desk, I like to listen to music. And I have found that the older I get, the more I like the music from my high school days, something about it makes me feel comfortable and happy. This does in no way imply that I was ever a super happy type guy in high school. Anyway, a song just popped up that brought back a memory I had not thought about in a long time. 10CC The Things We Do For Love. It was 1979 (I think), and I was attending a Band Camp at a University. (Yeah, I know it sounds geeky, but I was on the wrestling squad along with being in the band, therefore I was a tough geek). Anyway, the university had all these small piano practice rooms in the music department building, and being a big suave goof ball, I had a young lady with me and we went to play the piano together in one of those rooms.  Anyhoo, she plays this song, The Things We Do For Love, and does a good job with it, then next thing I know, her arms are around my shoulders and she is kissing me like the world is going to end tomorrow. Needless to say, that was a good memory, so every time I hear that song, like Pavlov’s dog, a warm and fuzzy feeling comes over me.

Now what the hell does this have to do with woodworking? Good question! (Sorry, but this is a loose connection, but a connection none the less.) Just like older music makes me feel good, the more and more I find that I feel comfortable with my (new) vintage tools. I don’t know, something about them just makes me feel good. It’s like putting on your favorite pair of sneakers.

The more I think about it, comfort in your shop and with your tools is important. A good tool can make you feel confident and relaxed which is vital for hand sawing. If you relax that death grip, the saw will cut straighter, and the same applies for wood turning too. You need to be relaxed and comfortable to make good cuts.

What makes you comfortable in your shop?

I do apologize for not writing much lately, but to be honest, I have had nothing to write about! So in lieu of my lack of work, here are some blogs you might like: – Very Good!!!!


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7 Responses to Comfort

  1. Ellis Hein says:

    Right now, what makes me comfortable in my shop is heat. I am afraid I can’t get beyond that to such things as music or something else. But soon the days will be getting longer.


  2. Yaakov, I like to listen to all kinds of music at my desk (which is my shop.) I use it to fit my mood.

    And, congrats on your Baltimore Sun feature!

  3. Andy Coates says:

    Hello Yaakov,
    my “old comfortable tool is an old kent pattern axe (new handle). I wouldn’t be without it despite having a lovely (almost) new German side axe. When I have the old Kent in my hands it never misses its mark. And I’m convinced it’s the axe not me.

    I also have a number of other old comfortable tools which I prefer to shiny new alternatives.

    So I know exactly what you mean.

    best regards,


    PS: can we see a copy of the feature?

  4. Some of the most comfortable things to me are the handles of my turn-of-the-century handsaws. Those guys understood how a saw should fit your hand. (When did we forget that?). In addition, I like the tools and accessories that I made to fit the way I work. Hey, bespoke beats off-the-rack every time!

  5. Lazy Larry says:

    I have few vintage hand tools… I still like to murder electrons… alas…but I have a few songs that bring back such strong memories… House of the Rising Sun… and Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress…
    The first being on stage in a bar in Manilla PI singing that song with three Navy mates…
    The second… a memory of school days when each teacher and student in the class was given a song… [the english teacher… Words… the math teacher… Circles… etc] that song was mine… It was only recently that a friend let me know why that song was picked for me…nearly 40 years later…
    I waffle on… sorry…

  6. I know what you mean about ‘vintage’ tools. It’s the difference between holding a worn, wooden handle with something cold, hard and made of plastic, like many cheap tools produced today.

    Ellis already mentioned heat and I’ll have to second that!! I’ll struggle to find time in the workshop between now and March and so, my blog is also likely to suffer with a lack of regular updates… Well, maybe not. If we cannot blog about our own work then, I believe we can share our thoughts and things we are reading.

    Even if we, as individuals, are not as active during the winter months, there are still many other woodworkers out there who are ready to defy the cold weather.

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