Ode to my Plane

Note: Best read with the voice of Comic Book guy from the Simpsons.

As I near the end of the construction phase of the red oak bed, I have been busy preparing the parts for assembly. And therefore, I have been using my beloved Lie Nielsen #4 smoothing plane to smooth each piece so they only need a little going over with some 320 grit sandpaper before I apply the finish.


LN #4 Smoothing Plane


Not only does the smoothing plane save me money because I don’t have to buy multiple grits of sandpaper, I don’t use electricity with my random orbital sander, and I don’t create the dust that could damage my lungs, and therefore I save money by not having to use another dust mask.


As anyone who has done a lot of sanding can tell you, it takes time, and when you have time, you think. And when I think, it could be either dangerous and or strange. In this case strange. Yes, I am a strange man, who loves his Lie-Nielsen #4 smoothing plane above all my other tools, so I composed a poem about my beloved plane. (In some literary legal circles, some might call this theft, and you have to know the parts of a plane to really get this. Sorry.)

“How do I love Lie-(Nielsen)? Let me tout the ways…”

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth your tote’s height,
Your sole can breach imperfections, when even out of sight
From the ends of toe to heel, you have ideal grace.
I love thee to the bevel of everyday’s
Most required need, planning in sun and florescent-light,
I love thee freely, as I strive to be a woodwright;
I love thee purely, like my mutton tallow.
I love thee with a passion for smoothing to use.
In my old cap, and with my artisan’s faith.
I love thee with a love like my nail set, I always seem to lose,
Along with my lost cash, — I love thine heft,
Frog, sole and blade, for all my life! — and, if I choose,
My son shall but love thee better after my death.

Blatantly stolen from “How do I love thee?” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning (I hope she will forgive me.)


Elizabeth Barret Browning

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4 Responses to Ode to my Plane

  1. Bob says:

    I could do something like this about my plane. (airplane)

  2. Lazy Larry says:

    Very poetic… Elizabeth Barrett Bar Am…

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