The Earthquake

Disclaimer! This post has nothing to do with woodworking.

When you live on the the east coast of the United States, it is a very rare thing indeed to feel an earthquake; therefore, something inside of me felt it was important to express what happened and how I feel about it.

My wife and children were at Target (the red dot boutique) and I was home alone working at the computer. I felt the back of my chair move back and forth, and turned around to look for the child who must have come home and was trying to get my attention. No child was there. What the hell?! I’ll be honest, for a brief second, I thought maybe it was a ghost. Then I felt it again, and again. I heard the house creaking and the floor felt like it was moving back and forth. I continued to sit there for a couple of seconds and considered what in the world was happening. EARTHQUAKE!

Holy crap! It’s an earthquake! Gas lines! Crap! I got up and ran upstairs to get out of the house. I could hear my house and front door frame groaning, then it stopped. My heart was racing. You know, it is one thing to be on a skateboard or skis and have the earth beneath your fee move, but your brain just does not cope the same way in an earthquake. This s*&t shouldn’t be happening!

Neighbors suddenly came out of their homes, each one shouting out, “Did you feel that?! What was that?!” Each of us stated that our hearts were racing and were sort of scared. There was no damage I could find, although a couple of things fell off the wall in my shop.

For the next couple of hours, I honestly did not feel “right.” About an hour later my family came home, and by that time, I had found out that the quake centered in Virginia, and it was a 5.9 quake. The thought of a large bomb going off in Washington D.C. did cross my mind, and I was somewhat relieved to find out it was a quake. I was also relieved to find out that the epicenter of the quake had a known history dating as far back as 1704.

You know what? A chocolate bar does settle one’s nerves after an earthquake, just like it does after a dementor attack!

Thanks for listening to my story. I feel better after getting that off my chest.



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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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2 Responses to The Earthquake

  1. Lazy Larry says:

    I know how it feels, I was in ChristChurch New Zealand after the earthquake in February and felt the 5.9 aftershocks..
    Hope all is well..

  2. Andy Coates says:

    Glad you’re okay, Yaakov. I had an Englishman and his US wife and kids into my exhibition today – they’re over here showing the kids where Dad comes from – and they’ve delayed their return home until the quakes and BIG WINDS have passed safely away from their NJ home.

    We get heavy rain and we feel hard done by! No quakes for Suffolk, but we did lose a poster to the wind 🙂

    best wishes


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