No more!

I know this is way off topic, but I simply can’t take it anymore.  A week or so ago, I decided that I no longer want to hear anymore “News.” I’ll listen to ESPN radio or music on the radio, but I just don’t want to hear it anymore. I am so tired of hearing of bad economic news, and hearing about all the despair, violence, and war. No more! Enough is enough. I have enough to worry about without having heaping helpings of tragedy stuffed into my ears. If it affects my neighborhood or street, I’d be interested in hearing, but that’s it! I wish someone would create a good news channel.

My book businesses is barely hanging on and my woodworking business is not doing as well as it did last year. Thank goodness I sold another piece last night, and I just got a good commission about an hour ago. This has been a tough year so far. I can only hope things get better when my children get older. I hope they never have to work as much as I do just to keep it together.

I find myself frequently thinking about moving out of the United States, but where can we go where things are any better? It’s even harder to move as orthodox Jews, we are not welcome in large chunks of the world. We’d like to move to Israel, but Israelis are coming here for work. What’s a simple family man to do!?

I think I need a beer or six after a couple hours in my fortress of solitude.


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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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8 Responses to No more!

  1. bob says:

    Hang in there, it seems to me that things are picking up, at least i am selling more bowls now. Good luck.

  2. Eric says:

    I hear you Yaakov. That is one reason that I haven’t been watching, listening or reading the news. I totally feel out of the loop sometimes but I get so tired of hearing nothing but “doom and gloom” everywhere I turn. I know there has to be something good happening in the world but I guess reporting on that doesn’t make for good ratings.
    Don’t give up. Do what you feel to be right for you and your family.

  3. The reason there’s no good news channel is that good news doesn’t sell. Don’t worry – just because you don’t hear about doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just look around you in your neighborhood. The good people are still here, they just get overshadowed by the hype of the mass media. Bad times come and go, and the seasons still change each year. All we can do is hang in there, take care of our own, and wait.

  4. Lazy Larry says:

    I will have a beer or 12 with you… things is bad all over…But it will get better…!!

  5. Ellis Hein says:

    “Miracles are acts that call the rules into order, not break them. Breaking the rules establish the need for the miracle in the first place.” There may not be many words I, as a Quaker, can offer you, an Orthodox Jew, that do not offend. But the above words came bubbling up in my mind as I was quiet in my spirit before the Lord. We live in a world out of order, in a society that would create god in our image that he might bless the works of our hands, his creator. Never once do we consider our obligation of bringing ourselves before the Almighty to be ordered and guided and made into His image, to accomplish His work.

  6. bongotastic says:

    I feel for you. I can’t honestly say that the economic downturn really affected us North of the border: the housing market didn’t tanked because banks are much more regulated. But it probably depends on where you are in Canada. From my East-Coast venture point, it looks to me like people have more money to spend than before. I don’t know if it would last… I don’t think that Canadians really care about each other’s religion. But I’m not sure that moving would solve everything. Things will hopefully pick up soon.

  7. tobey says:

    hiya, i am new to your site. meanwhile, what type of book business do you have? do you re-sell books? if so, i may have a source of books to sell. not sure how much they’d go for, but they’re probably some new ones.

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