Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool Event and Reviews

The workbench project sent me on another journey. This time it was to Gaithersburg, Maryland for the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event. I wanted to get a couple of tools to help me with the bench, and I knew a couple of friends would be there too, so what the heck! Road trip! BTW, the day after I attended this event, the USA branch of the Hermit Union, sent me a warning letter. I have traveled two times in a course of a week. I hardly go out that many times in a year! Most likely I will heed their warning and return to my normal grumpy self in my Fortress of Solitude.

The Hand Tool Event

As I said before, I needed some tools. Hummm, strike that. I wanted some tools, so why not take the trip through the beautiful Maryland countryside. The event was hosted by Exotic Lumber, Inc., enabling me to kill two birds with one stone. I could get the tools I wanted, plus get the Ash I needed for the bench. The Lie-Nielsen (LN) staff were every bit of courteous, knowledgeable, and just down right friendly as they are on the phone. As an added bonus, I even got to pick out a free DVD. I got the Christopher Schwarz Sawing Technique DVD. This will be a great little take homework treat for my students. While I was there, I got a mortise chisel, (which works great!), a dowel hole template, the big screw device for my leg vise, and some drawbore pins.  Yes, I know that their prices are a bit higher, but I have never been disappointed by any of their products, and the customer service is simply outstanding. The sales lady was so nice, and she was ‘perdy’ too!

Shannon Rogers, Yaakov, Steve Taylor

No sooner had I walked into the building, then Steve Taylor, from the Taylor Garage blog, walked up to me and called out my name. I know I stick out a bit, but it was nice to be recognized. We had a good conversation and I am happy to see that he is blogging again.  I also saw Shannon Rogers from The Hand Tool School, and I met several other really nice people. All and all, a really great day. Then….

The Next Day

My wife and I had a wonderful Shabbos dinner on Friday night, then the next morning, I was not feeling so good. Both of us got a stomach virus. I still do not feel very well, and working in the shop today (Sunday) was very tiring and difficult. As usual, I have fallen behind in my blogging and my emails. My student called in sick today too. Although I am sorry he is not feeling well, I was in no condition to teach today.

To add to my frustration, last week I got a 10″ Brace and couple of auger bits. It drills out material like a champ, but reversing the bit out is not working. When I try to go in reverse, it just unscrews the chuck from the brace. Am I doing something stupid? Seriously, I need some advice here.

As a quick note, the bench top is completely glued up, and I flattened the bottom, installed the tail vise, and drilled out the mortises on one of the legs. My right palm has blisters on it from trying to reverse out the brace. Ouch! Gloves tomorrow for sure. Next I will continue to drill out the mortises for the stretchers and the make the mortises on the underside of the top for the legs.

Till next time, see you on the bench.

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