Bench press, kinda…

Not only is the workbench project burning through my money, I’m burning serious calories too! Due to the size of the timbers most of my power tools just can’t be used, so hand tools are my only option (aside from extremely accurate and amazing karate chops).

Late in April, I asked my wife to stop buying potato chips, chocolate, and other junk foods, in an effort to help reduce my waist line. I sure wish I could take the extra inches from my waist and add them to my inseam instead, then I’d be thin again and I’d be six-foot three!

Anyhoo, individually the pieces are not that heavy, but boy howdy, the glued up top is very heavy and awkward to pick up and move. Today I plan to install one more small strip for the top, then I can start the business of flattening, then install the tail vise. I’d be curious to know how much the top weighs once everything is installed.

The top so far

Even with the workbench sitting on saw horses, it is nice to have a bench to actually work on. I can’t wait to have the completed bench! I hope it will be as sweet as I imagine! And speaking of sweet, I am relishing the use of all my hand tool skills and hand tools that I have acquired in the past six months. Without those skills, this project would be a lot harder.

For the final calorie burning event, the rearrangement of the workshop should be a real humdinger. I have a basic idea of what I am going to do, but I really need to have actual plan, not so much to save time, but also an effort to save my back. Hopefully I will have a smaller waist line by then too!

Until we meet again, I’ll keep the bench warm…

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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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2 Responses to Bench press, kinda…

  1. Shannon says:

    I envious at how fast that top came together. If I do it again, using thick timbers is the way to go over the 13 8/4 boards I used. Looks nice and I bet it is a snap to flatten.

  2. It certainly beats my laminate of 2×4’s. They made for a perfectly adequate top, but glue-up and flattening was a nightmare!

    Any you do it, the end result gets MASSIVE. At least you’ve got a real surface to work on now. Keep ‘er coming!

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