Sometimes you just get lucky

Yup, sometimes you do get lucky. Today was somewhat of a lucky day. This morning I managed to get a freshly cut log chainsawed into two good blanks, and I turned one of those very wet blanks into an interesting thin walled shape. (I’ve got big artistic plans for this vessel once it dries out a bit) And to top things off, I got three, count’em three, nice sketches done of future turning projects. I have got a series in mind that I think will be really interesting.

I must be a very impressionable guy, because whenever I get book about woodworking or woodturning, I always want to try out whatever I see that interests me. For example, I just finished reading, “The New Masters of Woodturning” (recommended BTW) and now I have a bug up my bum to try carving on my vessels. My muse has been nice enough to hang around lately, and she has been poking me to get some power carving tools. I am hoping I can get by with just my wife’s Dremel tool. Any body have any recommendations?

I will be off-line and unplugged from the Borg until Tuesday night for the last of the Pesach yuntif, so I am sure the practical joker that is my muse will be pelting me with new ideas knowing that I won’t be able to draw them out. As they say, If you want to give HaShem a good chuckle, tell him your plans.

See you on the other side!


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2 Responses to Sometimes you just get lucky

  1. bob says:

    I am like you, i just got my copy of Woodturning Design and saw some wall hanging made by Mechelle Rich the look really good. Can we get her to come and do a demo for us? Hope you have a good holiday.

  2. I’m partial to a Foredom-type flexible shaft machine. With a small diameter handpiece, it is light and responsive despite the shaft. The biggest thing, however, is the variable-speed foot control. Being able to adjust speed on the fly as you work can be a very nice option with some bits and wood. You should be able to use any of your Dremel bits with it and many more as well, including 1/4″ shanks using a larger handpiece.

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