On the bench

It’s time for a new series of blogs from yours truly. For a number of months I have wanted to make a new workbench, not a large table to store things on, but a real workbench. My current bench is a ‘cabinet’ style that I made almost twenty years ago using plans from ‘The New Yankee Workshop.’ It is big and sturdy, but it is not a very effective workbench for hand tool work.

Loads of people have blogged about building their own workbenches, so I am not going to bore you with the building process. Instead, I’m going to focus on the interesting things I learn and observe through the process. Knowing me as well as I do, I’m sure I will do my share of stupid things, thus I hope to entertain you, my reader.

I spoke with Shannon Rogers, from The Hand Tool School, and he is going to hook me up with some Douglas Fir, (I could not find a local source for Southern Yellow Pine) and thus the project will begin. Being a fan of Christopher Schwarz, I of course plan to make a Roubo style workbench.  I have already read his first book on workbenches entitled, “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction & Use”, (excellent book) and I have on order his second book on workbenches entitled, “The Workbench Design Book”. The geeky kid in me loves getting books in the mail, which I guess stems from receiving the Time Life Series of World War II books in the mail as a kid. Man oh man, I devoured those books and looked forward to each and every one.

The title of this series is a bit of a pun. Since the workbench project will take some time to make, my commission work will be ‘on the bench.’ Boy, my accountant won’t be happy about the reduced income, I sure hope my turning work and spec pieces sell better this year. Along with the new workbench, I am planning on totally re-organizing my workshop which will further bench my earnings. I don’t know what or how I am going redesign it yet, but I’ll be rolling it around in my head.

Speaking of benched, I have observed that when I write about wood working television shows or write about my opinions on tools, my readership goes way up. The more I piss people off, the more they want to read my blog. So in an effort to boost my ratings, I would like to make the following inflammatory statements: My corner chisel was a total waste of money, I like my corded drill better, all the Ryobi power tools I bought fell apart thus suck, America has no business being in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or Korea, rabbit kittens are darn right cute, I think Christopher Schwarz is really cool and I’d love to work with him, American woodworkers should really try hard to only buy American made tools. Lie-Nielsen rules! Okay… blast away while I watch my readership go up! Muwhahahaha.

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1 Response to On the bench

  1. bob says:

    I got a set of adjustable legs at the wood working show and made a new work bench. I can use it as a in feed or out feed table for my tools. It has two vises and a lot of dog holes.

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