One-minute report

I’ll take an Hour for $1,000.00 Alex. That’s how I feel about time right now. There is simply not enough of it, and I can’t even buy some of it.

I feel badly for my dwindling readership that I have not been posting very much lately, but my day job work load has increased two-fold and Passover is around the corner with all of its craziness. I simply don’t have time to do all the things that I want to do like blogging, updating my website, catching up on weeks of unanswered and unread emails, and repairing household pet damage.

So here is the quick skinny on the scrap wood hall table project. Construction is pretty much done. I need to do the marquetry on the top, decide on the shape of the ebony drawer pull and make it, decide what I am going to use for the finish, and then apply the finish.

After speaking with my mother about this project, I her told about my indecision regarding the theme for the marquetry on the top. Since the table is Asian inspired, she suggested using the image of a Coy. I liked that idea, and I am going to run with it. I think I am going to use a combination of marquetry, pyrography, carving, and gilding. You’ll just have to see what I mean later. Thanks mom!

Here are some photos of the project so far:

Construction basically completed








Close up of the purple heart pegs








Here's the jig I used to chamfer the pegs

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4 Responses to One-minute report

  1. bob says:

    I think it is going to look great when you get it finished.

  2. I like it – nice, open, airy look. It’s got almost a Torii feel about it, and I’m looking forward to the top.

  3. Hey Yaakov, You must have been reading my mind. As you noticed I have posted work from a few other folks. Mine is all sitting in a pile waiting the next step, whatever that is on any given piece. I did get twenty five penguins dipped and a cottonwood bark house completed. Oh, and a Larry the Cucumber from Veggie Tales (if you know them – cute little guys) But we seem to have similar problems – although my piles of work are student research papers, tests and reports. I have one going back on the visions of Zechariah. More to grade – spending my “free” time tonight answering a few emails and looking at your site.
    Scrap table???? Come build me a scrap piece like that some time, Yaakov. Looks great. Eager to see the top work. Shalom. John

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