What is this joint called?

Work continues on the scrap wood project, and yesterday I finally decided upon the method I am going to use to join the shelves to the legs. So I did a practice run of my idea on a couple of pieces of scrap.

Practice joint








In the picture, the leg is the piece that is vertical, and the shelf edge is the horizontal piece. The shelf edge will be fit into the dado in the leg. So can someone tell me what you call this type of joint?

Below is a picture of my basic idea for the overall shape. The drawer will not go all the way across the table. I am thinking about inlaying a big piece of Western Curly Maple into the drawer front to have an accent color.

The basic idea








I am still trying to figure out what type of marquetry I am going to do on the top. Perhaps I will figure it out after a couple long walks to Shul Friday night and Shabbos morning.

I’m looking forward to finding out what you call the joint I am going to use.



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