That little ‘ole scrap pile

All of us have “our little scrap pile”, and sometimes that pile can get a bit large. A couple of weeks ago I made a new lumber rack for my shop, and I put all my cherry scraps up on the top shelf. Well now, it turns out that I have a lot of scrap cherry! So, come hell or high water, I decided to make something out of all that scrap material.

Large cherry scraps

I have a 1.5 mile walk to my favorite shul (Synagogue) on Shabbos morning, and it gives me a bit of time to think about this and that. So I decide to make an Asian inspired hall table from all that scrap, and perhaps add a bit of marquetry on the top.

There are some large pieces of rough cut wood in the pile, but they were cupped and twisted, and for that reason, I never used them. Flattening and squaring warped wood is not a strong point for power tools, and that’s where all the money I have invested in my hand planes has paid off!

LN 40 1/2 at work

I put the worst of the large boards on the table with the cup facing up and used my Scrub Plane to flatten out the cup by using a diagonal cuts across the width of the board. It did not take too long to do this.  The winding sticks helped me find the twist and get rid it if. Next, I flipped the board over, and used the scrub plane to remove the hump in quick order.


Jack be nimble Jack be quick

Next to the plate was my Record Jack Plane. It flattened out the scallop marks and got the board pretty flat. In the clean up position, my Veritas Jointer Plane completely smoothed out face and helped to remove any remaining twist and bow. I was really happy with the final result. I got a good workout and felt a real sense of accomplishment.  My Hand Tool School homework has paid off.

The Jointer completes the work






With one completely smooth and flat side, I ran the other side through my power planer. After a couple of passes, I had my desired thickness. (Hey, I could have done this by hand, but I still want to make some money off this project.) With the board clamped up, I got the skinny side squared up with a couple passes of my Jack Plane, and finally the table saw took care of the final side. Yeehaw!

One down, three more to go. As a side note, my Lie-Neilsen 40 ½ Scrub Plane got a huge workout. Three words – WORTH EVERY PENNY!


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One Response to That little ‘ole scrap pile

  1. Dearest friend,

    The wood shavings in these picture look fine cut! The plane is absolutely beautiful!


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