Done at last, done at last!

Around the beginning of January, I started a series of blogs about making turned lidded Tzedakah boxes. Well, after many a trial and error, I finally got the artwork completed on the boxes, and they look great.

Laser engraving was the way to go, and it was a pretty fast process. If you are in the Baltimore area and you want, or need, some laser engraving done, then I can not recommend, Bill Neuenschwander enough. Very friendly, and very fast. All I had to do was get the digital logo and boxes to him, and he completed the work and delivered to my front door in about twenty four hours. (BTW, I am not getting a commission for plugging this guy).

The results speak for themselves.

I learned a number of things from this project. I got a lot more experience with my boring bar system, and I got a better idea of what type of wood movement I should expect with thin walled vessels. I got about 30 uses from a single glue block which surprised me. I normally use chucks, but I decided to use glue blocking for this project, and it worked very well. And finally, I got to turn a variety of exotic woods that I generally would not use. For this project I used: Olivewood, a figured Asian Satinwood, Jebillo, Yucatan Rosewood, Osage Orange, and Marblewood. All of the boxes have a walnut base except for one that has a cherry base.

If I make something like these again, I want to make them with a threaded top. Our next turning club meeting is going to have someone demo that process for us. I am looking forward to learning that technique.

Until next time, happy turnings!

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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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2 Responses to Done at last, done at last!

  1. Slissie says:

    These are beautiful Yaakov! I would love to hear more about your boring bar system.

    Thank you,
    S Lissie

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