The Suspended Form

I have been working hard to complete this suspended vessel for the past couple of days. Once I latch onto an idea, I like to get it done. So here is how the project was completed.

When I last spoke about the piece, it was ready to be reverse turned. As it turns out, I elected to do the sanding off the lathe. The real trick to this piece was to get three equally spaced raised posts to attach to the legs. To do this, I took a piece of masking tape and wrapped it around the ridge and marked the starting point and the end point. Then I unwrapped the tape and measured the distance between the two points, divided by three, and there you go! After marking the divisions on the tape, you put the tape back on the vessel and mark the locations. Easy!

Using tape to measure the circumference

After the posts were marked out, I used a sharp chisel to remove the rest of the ridges. A whole can of elbow grease was required to sand the outside and inside of the vessel. Next time I will do a better job getting a smoother surface on the inside.

The legs were fun to make. I took a 3″ x 12″ x 3/8″ piece of  Bloodwood and cut them into three equal lengths.

The legs taped together

On one of the legs, I drew out the desired shape, then taped them all together. Using a 1/4″ blade on my bandsaw, I cut all the legs at one time. After the majority of the bandsaw milling marks were removed, I pulled out the Dremel tool to do the final shaping.

Shaping the Legs

The sanding cylinder attachment for the Dremel made easy work of shaping the curved edges of the legs. Now you can really see the final form coming to life.

Attaching the legs

Attaching the legs was done with 1/16″ thick nails with the heads nipped off. Using a hand drill, I very carefully drilled 1/4″ deep holes. The grinder and vice grips made easy work of getting both sides of the nail sharp. I was about to attach the legs, when my muse gave me an idea. I drilled various sized holes in the top inch of the rim. I love it when she is here!

The legs were attached with Gel CA glue. I left the nails visible. If you look at the piece in the right light, you can’t see the metal and it looks like the vessel is floating.

For the finish, I used a couple of coats of amber shellac, then top coated it with wax. Overall, it was good project and fun to make, and I am seriously considering making a series of these. The best part is that the vessel has now been sold! Booyah!

Ladies and Gentlemen – “The Guardian”


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7 Responses to The Suspended Form

  1. Slissie says:

    Awesome Piece Yaakov! I think that my New Years resolution list should include posting to my blog as often as you do.

    Happy New Years To you and Yours

    Thank You for your awesome Blog posts!

  2. bob says:

    Great looking !

  3. Jake says:

    A work of art!!! Dearest Yaakov, this piece is worth looking and looking all the time! Great work 🙂

  4. Ahh, nice. Very nice. Despite the extravagant shape, there’s a quietness to it reminiscent of a plant simply growing alone in the woods. It makes you want to stoop down and just look, not touch. Beautiful work.

  5. That is really something special, Yaakov. I have long been interested in turning something that beautiful. The colors go well together, the shapes look great.


  6. bongotastic says:

    It is indeed a beautiful piece!

  7. ann (mom) says:

    I love this suspended piece. As another commenter said, “It is a work of art”. I want one when you get into high gear making them. Your muse was most certainly there.

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