Notes from the Common Ground

Special Guest Writer – Yaacov Moshe Moses

Notes from the Common Ground

September 5 thru December 14, 2010

Begin the 26th of Elul 5770 – End the 8th of Teves 5771

Part I


1. Don’t clutter, simplicity in illusional motion, perpetual – that is the goal.

2. Art is the power of objects transformed/informed by human imagination.

3. Celebrate the paint, not the objects: let the paint paint.

4. Realize the power and mystery of paint:

            Capture ethnicity,

            Reveal personality,

            Reveal the terror of touching,

            Reveal the necessity of touching,

            Allow surrender to the touch of the paints, the giving in to the necessity.

“Have you noticed that people always want to touch paintings? They want to touch the brush strokes.”     YMM

5. What is out of focus in the painting, brings into focus what is found in reality.

6. The paint is chaos. The chaos is focused into form, but the source of the form, the original object, must remain in the painting as the documented source of the artistic expression. “Dream always inspired by reality.”   Matisse

7. ART? Perpetual motion you want to touch, focused by paint, into form: ALIVE, not dead.

Part II

The process of ART is to capture visually the terror of complete surrender to fate and endless possibilities, no control really – just slide away/out of yourself, free-falling into an upper reality, free hand, free style, giving in to the necessity of FATE, “hashgocha pratis.”

Humble, “bittul,” becomes subservient, “batul.” To do this on canvas or whatever the medium might be and to be completely convincing at the same time is, in effect, what makes an ARTIST.


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