Chai-boy Part Deux

Part Shtahyeem (two in Hebrew) of the Chai-boy adventure is now in theaters near you! Yes Sirree Bob, the “Yud” is taking shape.

This is my first attempt to make a bandsaw box, and aside from the sanding, it’s pretty easy to make. First, I drew out the “Yud” on a piece of paper and cut it out. Then I found two thick chunks of walnut and cut them a little larger than the paper cutout and glued them together.

Paper cutout of the Yud

After the glue dried, I set up my bandsaw with a 1/4” blade and carefully followed along the lines of the paper and cut the whole “Yud” out. Next, I scribe a line about 1/4” in from the edge on the backside to slice off what will become the back of the bandsaw box. Once the back is off, I cut into the “Yud” from the bottom and cut out what will be the drawer. The entry point of the cut was then glued back together.

The cut out Yud

At this point I am left with the block that will be the drawer. I cut another 1/4” slice off the front and the back of the drawer block and then I can cut out the hollow part of the drawer. I replaced the front walnut slice of the drawer will a piece of birds-eye maple to match the drawers of the Chai-boy.

Pieces for the drawer

Now all you have to do is glue up the drawer parts, let them dry, and then the sanding can begin! The little drawer will be flocked just like the large drawers and I will add an ebony drawer pull to match the others.

Basic assembly is done!

I am hoping all the sanding will be completed on Sunday, so I can dye the walnut, and flock the inside of the drawer. There is something about using the word flocking that still makes the Beavis and Butthead voices pop into my head.

Figuring out how I am going to attach the “Yud” to the “Ches” has been troubling me, and I finally figured what to do. Rare earth magnets. Some of those babies are pretty powerful. I will use 2”x 1”x 1/8” magnets either mortised or epoxied into their respective parts. I am hoping this will be the best method to use. I was afraid that permanently affixing the parts together would lead to trouble when moving the piece. Let’s hope the plan works!


About yaakov

Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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2 Responses to Chai-boy Part Deux

  1. Lazy Larry says:

    Can’t wait for the sequel… will you be starring as yourself.

  2. Jake says:

    Excellent work Yaakov!!! Very detailed, very custom!

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