Dear Chai-boy Journal,

I finally got the carcass glued and clamped up. All the parts went together fairly nicely. It would have been nice to have a second set of hands helping me, but I had everything planned out well.

Along time ago, in what seems a lifetime away, I was learning Mixed-Gas diving with Tom Mount in Miami, Florida. Before we started a dive, Tom taught us to completely visualize the dive. Even before we geared up, we would visualize putting on our gear, how we would get into the water, picture ourselves changing from one gas to the next and at what depth. Having a plan and visualizing the entire dive was an excellent technique to learn. I apply that visualization method with my woodworking too. I have been planning for this glue up for about a week. In bed, I would picture how the parts would go together, and where I would place the clamps, etc…. All that planning paid off with a smooth glue up.


Carcass glued up with some drawer boxes in place


I am really pleased with the color of the walnut and the maple. Doing all the finishing work first really paid off too. The waxed and shellacked parts made glue squeeze-out a snap to clean up. I started applying finish to the drawer fronts this morning, and I hope to get three coats on today.


Birds eye drawer front with first coat of shellac


I had cut eight drawer fronts for the longer drawers so I could pick the best ones when the time had come for that step. It was tough to decide on the best five. I also determined the size of the drawer pulls too. That ebony is going to look so good against the Birdseye maple. Things are really coming together.

The next challenge will be getting the top attached. I have a plan rolling around in the old noggin, but I’m hoping a better idea might pop up. Oh yes, I guess I need to get the back on first. Order of operations issues once again!

Well, it’s Friday, so mincha is early today so we can come home and light the Chanukah candles, then get back to shul (synagogue) before Shabbos starts.

More to come….


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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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