Fun with flock

It’s true, I did get flocked today. And you know what? It was fun! Flocking is pretty easy, but a bit messy. The process is pretty simple; first, seal the inside of the drawers with shellac, which I did last week. Then I put blue painters tape all round the top so I would not get the adhesive anywhere it should not be.

Drawer ready for adhesive


Next, paint the inside with the colored adhesive. The color matches the color of the flocking. You put on a generous coat which was easy enough, and try not to drip it anywhere. I did get some on my fingers, but the finger nail brush, soap, and elbow grease got it off.

Inside of drawer with colored adhesive


Now you have about 10 minutes to commence and complete your flocking. You load the flocking material in to the “flocker”, and all you have to do is hold the flocker at a 45 degree angle, grab the bottom of the tube and push in and out, in and out, in and out, until the flock starts to come out. You coat the bottom first and then the sides, and when it looks like you completely covered  the area, you put more flock. After about 10 to 15 hours the adhesive is set and it is supposed to be fully cured in about 72 hours. Then you can dump and brush the excess out.

Fully flocked drawer with excess flock

I am really happy with the way it looks. The cool blue color works well with the creamy maple color. The drawers are not very large and I was afraid that felt would just take up more room. Can’t wait to dump out the excess and see the final product. FYI, I used the DonJer Suede-Tex brand of flock.

As usual, I made by bi-monthly trip to Woodcraft for more supplies. I needed #0 biscuits for attaching the walnut front railing to the drawer shelves.  So along with the flocking, I got the drawer shelves sanded, cut the biscuit slots for the railing, and multi-coated the shelves in shellac.

I thought I would try something new by purchasing a 1 lbs bag of amber shellac flakes (from the lac bug). Going to give a try at making my own small batches of shellac. Any advice would be welcome.

Woodcraft had a deal where you could bring in your old 10″ circular blade and get $10 off a new Freud blade. I get their high-end combination blade. The blade that came with my Delta table saw was not very good. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

The newly designed bench hook is really working well. I used it to hold the walnut railing in place for block sanding and scraping if needed.

Still have a mountain of small jobs to do before assembly starts. This project is really taking a long time. Too long…….

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2 Responses to Fun with flock

  1. Slissie says:

    The flocking looks awesome. It is really stunning. Great job. I wish I knew about the Freud saw deal. I was just down there this afternoon picking up a couple supplies for the shop. Thank you for posting the pics.

  2. that’s a really cool effect!!! love it!


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