I’m no salesman

When it comes to sales, I’d rather be the “man behind the curtain.” I had two shows over the weekend, and even though I do enjoy speaking with people about my work and woodworking, I’m no salesman. I know I should price my work a bit higher, but if it eases the sales process or increases sales, I’ll take the lower price just to get it over with. I am grateful that 90% of my woodworking income is generated via commissions and online sales. Shows take a lot out of me.  

My oldest daughter came with me to the second show, and it was a pleasure to have a ready made cheerleader by my side. The customers for these shows were 98% women, so I think having a cute little girl there helped make me more approachable. A friend of ours came by the second show and stood with me for a while. It made me feel more confident having her by my side, and it was nice to have someone else to talk with during the lulls. I wish I could afford to have sales person to work the shows for me. I’d be happy to sit in the back and answer questions and talk shop with other artisans. Maybe one of my daughters will have the right personallity for selling and could be my sales front!

My sales were pretty good, but they could always be better. The good news is that I saw more people buying things this year than last year. Hopfully this is a sign that the economy is getting better. 

How do you like doing shows?

JCC Chanukah Bazaar 2010

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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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1 Response to I’m no salesman

  1. Sheva says:

    Im also a terrible salesperson. There is something about selling your own stuff, too. I feel so personal about everything that i make with my hands. I bring friends they do the selling for me, and i pay them in merchandise, because i too can not afford a salesperson. Good luck

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