Get Felt or Flock

The Chai-boy drawers have all been dovetailed. Now I need to make up my mind about what I am going to do with the inside of the drawers. I have made up my mind to line the inside of the drawers with a dark blue color. The question is, to felt or flock. (click on the link to learn about flocking. It’s best not to learn this from the school yard.)

Generally, I see flocking on the inside small boxes and small drawers. The Chai-boy is a somewhat in between however. It’s too big for a jewelry box (unless you are akin to royalty) and it is not large enough for clothes, but I think that lining the drawers will make the piece more regal, more luxurious, more unique.

Perhaps Mrs Lemons would offer up her keen fashion sense?

Tonight is the Baltimore Area Turners Club meeting at my local Woodcraft store, so maybe I will check out what flocking colors they have in stock.

Mmmmmmmm, need to roll this around in my head for a while. (hope my missing muse will send me a phone a friend help line for this)


Chai-boy with dovetailed drawer boxes inside





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3 Responses to Get Felt or Flock

  1. Lazy Larry says:

    Hello Yaakov… to really set of this piece might I suggest felt wrapped around card or 3 mm MDF/ply … line the sides first and then slip in the base to hold the sides.
    You can see what I mean here…
    Not necesssarily in hot/shocking pink…
    Just a thought…

  2. Michael Wurm says:


  3. mrslemons says:

    Oh boy…this one in tough. The style of the piece is a little more prairie/midcentury in style, so felt might be really nice on this piece – a little different and unexpected. However, the smaller size would call for a flocked material, like a really luxurious jewelry box. Decisions, decisions…but I have to say my final answer is flocked. I look forward to seeing the final piece!

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