Have you seen my muse?

Life has a lot of ups and downs, and like a bio-rhythm, different aspects of my life go up or down. When my furniture business is doing well, my book business lags and vise versa.  November is brimming with family birthdays and it is the start of the shopping season. After months of hard work it is time to see if my labors will pay off, and I am excited about that.  However, my creative juices just aren’t flowing and my motivation has ebbed.

crackle crackle crackle ….the channel flickers……..

Infomercial: Are you constantly breathing? Do you find yourself waking up in the morning and feeling tired at night? After a long day of work, do you feel the need to relax? Has your mind become quiet? Is your heart constantly beating and beating and beating without stop? Then consult with your doctor. You may be suffering from “I-am-alive-yet-bored-ahphopia.” Ask your doctor about “Inspiration”. Side effects include: (spoken in a soft legal voice), Happiness, artwork, crafting, making something beautiful, and good ideas. (announcer:) Without “Inspiration” you may feel bored, sad, bland, and average.  So talk to your doctor (or local artisan) get some Inspiration today! (not legal in all States, void were prohibited)

Back to our regularly scheduled program….

Maybe I pissed my muse off, but I think I have become inspirationally / creatively bi-polar.  When I think about how my mind was racing with ideas back in September and October, my mind is creatively blank right now. Of course, I still have to be in the shop working because I have orders to fill, but nothing is inspiring or motivating me. My books and videos are just not doing the trick. I can’t afford to take a week off and learn with someone right now. Even my daily drawing has become really un-inspired and boring.

I already lost my youthful sense of optimism in a Wal-Mart in back in the early eighties, so I don’t want to lose my muse too. Anyone have an idea on how to coax my muse back?

About yaakov

Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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5 Responses to Have you seen my muse?

  1. Slissie says:

    Hello Yaakov,

    I have not yet last my youthful sense of optimism. (It is wavering at the thought of trying to build a sawmill similar to the Peterson ATS out of an old lawnmower and scrap bicycles.) any way I just thought I might help you find your muse. When in a slump I always try to think of the not so famous words left behind by the late, great Elmer Lyons:

    “The first person to invent dynamite that will blow a perfectly square cellar hole will inevitably become a millionaire fast.”

    ~ Elmer Lyons

    He had a couple others but that will suffice.
    The thing that I took from that statement (way too long ago, besides how I might invent square dynamite, is that for an idea to stand out one must think out of the box.

    One David S. would say “why would you think in a box in the first place? That is silly”

    The answer is YES, why would one think in a box it just limits your peripheral vision and that’s on a good day.

    So to you Yaakov, I say try thinking about things like squirrel powered heated blankets, proving that ten is in fact a solitary number (or not) carving a full size chupacabra out of that Lignum Vitae blanks you find while in South America looking for your muse or maybe just the ones they sell at Rockler.

    I am not sure if this helps but if nothing else you will be all the more enlightened by my dreaded sense of humor.

    * Disclaimer all the names used in this blog were dredged up from my memory if anyone mentioned would like them removed from this comment…ask Yaakov, He seems like a nice enough dude.

    Good luck Yaakov (you might need it if you read my musings enough) 🙂

  2. Lazy Larry says:

    I too have succumbed to the doldrums….. which is actually a word .. at various times… It has something to do with no wind in your sales..
    might I suggest a short drive around the block with your head out of the window so that the wind will blow the cobwebs away.. or do what i do… sit down in my inspirational chair and see what is in the inspirational fridge.. open a good book and start to read… then I have to leap up and do something in the shop..
    I even build things in my sleep… here I am at 5AM answering emails and writing drivel…
    Hope your muse comes home by herself …

  3. cobweb says:

    The perennial problem for makers, craftsman, artists, writers, musicians…the dry spell is our worst nightmare, and a cure has been sought for a long as there have been people creating things…and I don’t think there is one sadly.

    We all go through it at times…but being part of the club doesn’t lessen the draining effect on us.
    For me the “cure” has always been to simply play with a piece of wood on the (in my case) lathe. Often it results in shaped firewood, but often enough to make it a useable strategy it helps to call back the muse.

    There are some who suggest that the dry spells are as necessary to the creative process’ as the seasons are for plants. And doesn’t help either!

    I hope your muse returns soon, refreshed and ready for work.

  4. yaakov says:

    Thanks for the advice and stories from everyone! Tonight is the turners club night, so perhaps I will meet up with my muse there. Like Larry said, I hope she comes home on her own.

  5. ann (mom) says:

    I enjoyed all the responses. How lucky you are to have friends who, like you, seem to have broad levels of interests. How about a little meditation, a short “salute to the sun”, or do as I do, and hum. No it doesn’t work completely, but it does seem to clear the mind. Maybe you should get out your paint box and do a painting of your koi for your wonderful, healthy, and beautiful children. Does that smack of “be grateful” — if so, sorry. I do hope your muse comes back soon.

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