Can you be from California and have the New Yankee Spirit?

Have you ever walked around and thought, “man,it’s smokey in here!” just to find out that your glasses are total covered in sawdust? Happens to me all the time. Especially today. The dust was flying thick and high (yes, yes, I know, I need a better dust collection system), so much so, I think I could even see the thrifty Yankee spirit moving about my shop.

Yesterday and today, I have been putting together all the wood to make the seven drawers for the Chai-boy. I needed thirty-five pieces of maple, seven of which had to be birdseye maple for the drawer fronts. There are five pieces per drawer, two sides, a box front, the box back and the nice looking drawer front. Now, to get all this material, I had to do some serious digging through my stock pile and do some serious thinking about how I had to cut all the stock. When you have long boards you have to very carefully consider how to get the right sized and right number of pieces out of each and every board. As I have said before, this is a spec project, and I was in no mood to have to buy more material. After piling up all my maple, sorting out the sizes, and measuring twice (just like Norm said to do), I was able to determine I had barely enough stock.

The drawer fronts had to be resawn. Resawing is cutting a sawn plank of wood into thinner planks on a bandsaw. Then I had to resaw a number of 4/4 (called “four quarter” – or one inch) maple rough cut boards into half-inch thick pieces. This is a lot of work. I have to make one side square using my hand plane or jointer, then flatten and square up the adjacent side. Then I could put it on the bandsaw and cut thinner boards leaving them a bit large. Then I had a number of 3/4″ boards that had to be resawn into 1/2″ boards.

After all the shavings and dust settled, I think I proved to myself, that the Yankee spirit can even be found in a Californian!

Birdseye drawer fronts going in the drum sander

Rough cut drawer pieces

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1 Response to Can you be from California and have the New Yankee Spirit?

  1. Lazy Larry says:

    i live in Australia and I have the yankee spirit…
    I also have the same Jet 16/32 drum sander although yours is a lot cleaner than mine.. I say this as I clean my spectacles…

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