Tommy Mac & Veteran’s Day Events

Sometimes you have one of those, “Duh” moments. Today was one of those days. I watched Rough Cut with Tommy Mac this morning, then I went off to Woodcraft to “Turn for Troops.” Between that time, the “duh” moment hit me. The project Tommy Mac made was a box to hold an American flag, why did they air this project this weekend? Because Veteran’s Day is coming up! Duh!

On to the review. I thought the project itself was a good one. Not too hard, but it featured some skill sets that will be good for future projects. The triangle-shaped flag box featured two corners with two acute angles. The jig he made to cut the angles looked easy to make and pretty safe. That jig was something I will certainly file away in the old gray matter for the future use. Granted, he had to gloss over certain aspects of the project due to time constraints, but all in all it was a decent episode. DISCLAIMER: I have nothing against the co-host “Al”, I am sure he is a great guy. That being said, I don’t know about you, but when I am working on a project, I don’t think I would want a friend just standing there when I am trying to concentrate and work. If Al is going to be there, why can’t Tommy ask him questions or ask for advice, or just have him run with part of the project like Ely did in a previous episode? So what it boils down to, is use the assistant or don’t have them on the set at all.

At the end of the episode, they had a number of local Veterans fold an American Flag for the flag box he made. It was a sentimental (and interesting) scene featuring his former shop teacher who was a vet. My father is a Vietnam Vet, and there are a number of Vets in family, but honestly, I would rather see more woodworking.  I hope WGBH is looking at all the feedback from the internet, and will use it to make the show continually better.

Turning for the Troops

Today, I headed out to my local woodcraft store to participate in the Turn for Troops event along with a fellow turner. They had six mini-lathes set up with everything you needed to go straight to turning. The pen blanks were already cut and had the brass tubes already glued in the blank. All you had to do was pop the blanks between the bushing and turn turn turn!


Wayne & Susan Turning for the Troops

Yaakov doing his best to look like a dork











I was lucky enough to pick up a kit with padauk blanks. The wood turned very nicely, and once finished had a beautiful glow. After completing the pen, you put it in a bag along with a note. (I hope he or she will be able to read my writing). I was told they had a large number of turners show up on Saturday, and it looked like they had pretty good turnout today as well. It was a nice way to spend my birthday. I managed to get a bike ride in with my oldest daughter, I got to do some turning and chat with some of my fellow Baltimore Area Turners Club members, and I had enough time to spend a couple of hours on the Chai-boy project. Oh yea, I almost forgot. Doughnuts for breakfast! A good day indeed.

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2 Responses to Tommy Mac & Veteran’s Day Events

  1. Lazy Larry says:

    Donuts indeed… NYPD?

  2. Slissie says:

    Happy Birthday Yaakov!

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