‘Lil gem

Yesterday, I was looking through my pile of dry rough cut bowls, and I pulled out this unassuming maple bowl. It had a bit of an odd shape, and still had bark on two sides. The wax sealer, that slowed the drying time and helped prevent the bowl from cracking, covered up the details of the grain; but what the heck, I’ll put it back on the lathe and see how it turns out! (Literally!)

It was a challenge to get it back into round, and getting the final shape took some work. After turning it as much as I could, I knew it would need a lot of hand sanding. I took it off the lathe and set it aside dreading the thought of all the sanding. Looking back at the little bowl, my OCD tendencies took over. Simply leaving there was like leaving an item on my ‘to do’ list without scratching it off. Thirty minutes of hard sanding later, I put it on the spray table and made the first pass of spray shellac. What a surprise! There was quilting within the wood, and some ambrosia effect too. How cool is that!

This maple bowl is about 6.5″ wide and about 2″ tall. It has a shellac and friction polish finish. Just goes to show you can’t judge a book by its cover, especially for someone with a to-do list.





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