The seat of my pants

I did not get as much done on the Chai boy on this past Sunday as I would have liked. The Sukkah needed to be put away and the lawn needed to be mowed, but mainly, it was a matter of design. Since I don’t have all the plans completed, I tend to stand there staring, trying to figure out what I should do next.

Normally, when I am making a custom piece, I draw out all the plans before I start construction. With this piece, I am flying by the seat of my pants. I almost made the mistake of shaping the legs before I put in the dado’s and mortises. This would have been a serious mistake. Not having a squared leg to work with would have made dadoing very difficult. This is the danger of the designing by the seat of your pants.  So why am I doing this? Why do they climb Everest or race fast cars? Because it is a thrill! No, not really. I honestly don’t know exactly why I am doing this. Since these is my piece, I want to take my time and see what inspiration hits me as I moving along.

I’m the type of guy who puts things on a “To-do” list, then gets nervous when the item doesn’t get crossed off. I guess the same applies to my plans. Once they are on paper, I am hesitant to make changes, and I’m apt to make a mistake if I start second guessing myself. Of course I’ll obviously fix errors in plans. I am not that OCD. (man oh man, Judge Whoppner comes on in 6.5 minutes, I gotta finish this….)

Quick summary; the legs have been squared up and the dados have been cut for the sides. The boards for the maple sides have been cut and glued up.  Next, I want to get the rest of the mortises cut, then I can shape the legs.


Maple sides glued up and clamped


On a quick note, even though the Home Depot near my shop (and has the worst service anywhere), every once in a while, they have birds-eye, or quilted maple mixed in with their regular stock. They obviously have no idea what they have, maple is maple is maple. Last time they did this, I bought up every straight birds-eye maple board they had. You can’t beat $3.xx a board foot in lieu of $9+ at the other lumber providers! So, I was lucky enough to find some more birds-eye that was not highly figured. It is figured enough not be plain, but not so figured that it will out figure the birds-eye that I will be using for the drawer fronts.

Onward and upward!

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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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