Chai Boy

So it begins, a new project, the “Chai-boy.”

 See  which is the prelude to this project.

 Here is the basic design idea. I can only wonder what it will really look like in the end!

I have decided to document this project from start to finish (yes, pun intended). Here are my basic ideas about this project, and I am sure they will change to some degree. 

I want the make the Ches (the basic frame/legs of the carcass) out of walnut, and use maple for the sides and curly maple for the drawer fronts and ebony drawer pulls.

I would like to make all the drawers with hand cut dovetails. The box of the drawer will be made of poplar or maple depending on my supplies. What makes this hard is that I don’t have a decent dovetail saw and I don’t have $300 bucks to buy one.

I would like all the measurements to be numerically significant to Judaism. For example, I would like it to stand 36” tall, 18” wide, 8” deep, it will have 7 drawers etc…. The dimensions make this piece an unusual size. It is too small for a chest for clothing or linens, perhaps it could be used as a rather large jewelry box, or just a display piece.

The right side legs and the left side legs will be different shapes. I will have to draw these out on poster board, transfer to hardboard, then cut the legs out on the bandsaw.

Finally, the “Yud” will be a bandsaw box. I have never made a bandsaw box before so this will be a challenge. And finally, figuring out how I will attach it to the carcass.

There are lots of challenges with this project, and the first big challenge will be to create all the technical drawing/blueprints.

I look forward to working on this project because of the many challenges it presents, and I am also looking forward to documenting the process. I’ll do my best to keep the blog entries concise, short, and humorous to some degree.

BTW, when reading my blog entries, my internal voice sounds like Mark Twain without the dialect. But I also find that using the voice of James T. Kirk, Darth Vadar or Ringo Starr makes the reading entertaining.

The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step…


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Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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