40 feet of rope and a touch of wax

A decision was finally made after much debate and finger-pointing; Hurley was our favorite character from “Lost” and the Ginkgo box would get lacquer finish with a thin top coat of wax. It only took 37 minutes, 40 feet of rope, 2 happy fun balls, and a water buffalo to finally come to this decision. I can only wonder what will happen when the debate about putting a man on the moon comes up!

Personal problems aside, since I got the Beall buffing system, I have enjoyed using it. I like the feel of a wax finish. It is hard, but then again it feels super smooth and soft at the same time. I am sure you know what I mean.

Next week is going to be a busy one outside of the shop. Tonight, Yom Kippur starts. On Sunday, I will start work on the succah, and hopefully, I will be able to complete the finish work on Sunday or Monday. I’ll post a photo of it when it’s done.

 Seacrest out


About yaakov

Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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