Ginkgo Box 9/15

All the marquetry is done! I am fairly pleased with it, but I could probably do it better a second time now that I have a better idea of which parts should be done first. It is important to put in objects in the background first. My design has some differences from the original picture, so you really have to think hard about the order of operations. I believe there were close to forty individual pieces. Here is what the completed marquetry looks like:

Each of the colored woods are veneers which I made myself. Each piece is 3/32″ thick and is carefully cut out using a scroll saw then glued in place.

The next step, which I already completed, is inlaying the piece of wood with the marquetry on it into the box top. That process is done using “positive and negative templates.” Using 1/4″ hard board with a pre-cut rectangle in it, I was able to cut the marquetry board into the box top using a router with a bushing. Here is what the marquetry looks like set into (inlaid) into the box top:

Now I need to figure how I am going to add the fine details into the marquetry. I can make fine lines using pyrography or a very fine sharpie pen. As I said before, I need to do some experimenting to see what works best.

Still have a lot of work left to do! If you have questions about exactly what I am doing, ask away.

more to come…..


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