About Yaakov

My name is Yaakov Bar Am. I am the owner of “Furniture by Yaakov”. I make custom furniture, create turned bowls and hollow vessels, and offer classes in woodworking to children/young people.

I am based out of Baltimore Maryland. We have been here since 2006, and we really enjoy it here. I have been lucky to find a niche market here, but I dream about expanding one day.

I really got the woodworking bug in 1990. After years of watching the New Yankee Workshop, I decided I wanted to give a try at wood working. My first piece was a work bench that I made with just a circular saw and a cheap router. It wasn’t pretty, but it was start. Since then, I can’t get enough. I have had very little formal training, however I have watched loads of woodworking shows over the years and in the past couple of years have watched hundreds of YouTube videos about woodworking and turning.

After we when the lottery, I want to attend the RISD (Rhode Island School of design)  and get a degree in furniture design. Then I would like to apprentice with my woodworking hero, David Marks.  Then I would like to open up a full time shop specializing in Art’s & Crafts furniture and production turning and teaching the art of woodworking.

You can find my website at: www.furniturebyyaakov.com and my Facebook page called “Furniture by Yaakov”. My email address is furniturebyyaakov@yahoo.com

I can’t say that I am an expert woodworker. In my mind, I still have not achieve the degrees of excellence that I hope to achieve on day.

still dreaming,



About yaakov

Husband, Abba, Furniture Maker, Turner, Bookseller, and all around working stiff.
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2 Responses to About Yaakov

  1. Maia Bar Am says:

    the only things it’s missing is, “… where I live with my lovely wife and 4 beautiful children.”

  2. Beatrice Oritsky Schall

    I studied art as a second career. Began in san francisco and continued at UNC-Chapel Hill where I received a master’s at college teaching studio art in 1978. I chose to major in art because it was the thing I wanted to do for the rest of my life. Check out my website.

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